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Research Photo copyright Nadia Bettega

Research and Evaluation for Learning

We are committed to sharing the lessons from our work because we believe that the learning that emerges from rigorous evaluation and research can increase our impact, help to support evidence-based advocacy and lead to positive change.

Research and evaluation has always been and continues to be a central part of our work.

As part of the work of our Initiatives, we:

  • undertake evaluations of our individual funded projects
  • conduct larger-scale evaluations of a sector or projects across several countries
  • commission research studies in our areas of focus

Explore our research studies, evaluations, studies and more.

Spending out our capital, however, provides us with a unique opportunity to take a candid look at our work as a whole - at the challenges as well as the successes - and share what we have learned.

We are commissioning an independent evaluation of our work, which will draw on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over our 15 years as a funder, as well as that of many others in the sector.

From early 2012 onwards, we will be sharing the learning from our evaluation through a range of events and resources.